Brand Marketing Education

Educational workshops to support brand managers and their teams. 

Building Brand Stories

This session guides teams on how to develop a robust and unique brand story.  Learn how to combine brand purpose, personality, and brand voice to create compelling content with key messaging. With valuable tips and examples from successful brands, attendees will have a clear understanding of how to create and effectively tell brand stories that resonate with their audience and sets them apart from their competition.
 Duration: 2 hours. 

Essentials to Marketing Success

Whether you’re launching a product, a campaign, or an event, there are essential steps that one must take to ensure its success. In a two-part series from concept to implementation, attendees will gain insight from a proven 10-step approach to building marketing success into their initiatives.        

  1. Defining strategy and objectives
  2. Conducting market research
  3. Utilizing target audience data
  4. Creating key messaging and value propositions
  5. Deciding on the right channels
  6. Defining resources required
  7. Developing content and creative assets
  8. Detailing the plan (from A-Z)
  9. Building the launch checklist
  10. Monitoring effectiveness

This workshop is a deep dive into each of these steps with actionable takeaways attendees can start implementing right away. Duration: 4 hours (delivered in 2 separate two-hour sessions).  

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About the Instructor

Deanna White has over two decades of strategic marketing and communications experience and overseeing projects ensuring flawless execution. Her roles throughout her career have been at the executive level as Director of Marketing. Having worked in B2B, B2C, and non-profit environments, she’s best known for creating messaging for deeper customer relationships, delivering real business results, and creating better customer experiences.

Deanna is a part-time Professor at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, teaching Brand Consulting, for the Brand Management Program, at the School of Media and Design. She holds a Chartered Marketer Designation, Executive Advanced Standing with the Canadian Marketing Association, is a board member of the Eastern Ontario Council Chapter of the Ontario Institute for the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, and is a Communication Consultant to the Government of Canada.